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Every company today needs the services of a graphic designer not only to create impressive marketing materials but to effectively communicate the message to the target audience. This package is great for people who are ready to start off their business and need the branding basics. 

SAVE $50

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This is the ultimate package for all the business owners and entreprenuers who want the full brand experience. We focus on creating a cohesive visual identity for your company. The package is great for if you want to create a long term brand image. We will be sure to keep your brand uniform and reflective of your company’s mission.

SAVE $300

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The aim or purpose of the Social Media Package is to boost brand awareness and attract new people to check out your brand. By leveraging the power of social media branding, you can build a robust network of clients. This also gives your social media a professional and cohesive look. 

SAVE $75

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